Are microbladed brows permanent? The short answer is no. But it is still important to know the difference between microblading eyebrows and the other options for improving your eyebrows. The recent popularity of microblading eyebrows has led to two other styles of microblading: microshading and microfeathering. These techniques all last for different lengths of time and provide different looks for your eyebrows.

Whether you’re a cosmetologist wanting to learn about microblading eyebrows or a customer looking for information on microbladed brows, we’re here to help you understand the different techniques used for eyebrows.

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Microblading Eyebrows

While microbladed brows are not permanent, they do last a long time. Microbladed brows are semi-permanent tattoos that make eyebrows look more prominent. But, it’s important to know that microbladed brows are not the same as tattooed brows.

When you are microblading eyebrows, ink matching the color of your brows is put under your skin by hand with hair-like strokes. For reference, most normal tattoos go through the third layer of your skin while microblading is much more shallow.

For microbladed brows, the ink will cover the whole eyebrow, creating a prominent shape and color that matches your natural hair color. While microbladed brows require touch-ups, they can last for one to three years.

Ways to make microbladed brows last: The microblading process creates fresh wounds on the brow, so avoid putting makeup on that area until the microbladed brows are fully healed. While the eyebrows are healing, it’s also important to keep the area free of moisture, including sweat and water. Moisture can cause the scabs to fall off too early, taking some of the pigment with it.

It is also important to reduce exposure to sunlight as sunburns can cause the ink to fade faster. Over time, the ink will fade, but keeping the skin healthy and shaded will make the ink last longer.

Microfeathering Eyebrows

The process of microfeathering stems from microbladed brows, but with less pigment put into the skin. Microblading covers the whole brow while microfeathering fills out a pre-existing brow.  

When you microfeather, ink is placed in the sparse areas of the brow, filling out any gaps or thin areas. Think about the process as small feather strokes of ink brushed between your current eyebrow hairs.

Microfeathering is for brows that are fairly full and just need some extra hair lines to fill them out. Otherwise, a new brow shape will need to be constructed by microblading.

Microshading Eyebrows

Microshading is a technique that lasts longer than microbladed brows. Instead of using brush strokes by hand to create the shape, microshading uses a machine similar to tattooing. Essentially, pigmented ink is inserted into the skin under the eyebrow, adding a shading effect around the hairs that already exist.

The final look of microshaded eyebrows makes the eyes look powdered instead of adding small hair strokes into the brow. Filling in the brow this way adds depth and density to each eyebrow.
Since microshading goes deeper into the brow-area, the look will take longer to fade while some microshading lasts for four years.

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Microfeathering and microshading have added to the world of microblading eyebrows. It’s important to know the difference between these types to make sure you, or your client, gets the best option for their eyebrows.

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