What you will learn:

Learn the art of microblading and earn thousands in revenue every month with Microblading Training Worldwide in Roseville. What other career can start in as little as one day, making more than a Doctor, or an Attorney?

Microblading is a manual method of depositing pigment into the skin of the eyebrow to make the brows appear fuller and more defined. Women all over the world are ready to embrace their beauty, but they need your help.

At Microblading Training Worldwide, you will complete your training fully equipped to create the perfect brow for any woman who walks in your door — never having to turn away a client. Through our comprehensive microblading courses, you will be able to give your clients perfect brows, no matter their existing brow shape and fullness. You won’t even have to use a stencil because brows are never one-size-fits all. When you become a microblading specialist, you give the ultimate gift — confidence. Train to become a microblading specialist with us and start your dream career.

What’s included:

  • Basic and advanced 3D Eyebrow Microblading techniques
  • Deluxe Microblading Kit with supplies for up to 15 clients
  • Practice on live models
  • Learn how to microblade on various facial structures
  • Get more hands-on experience than any other microblading course
  • Learn color choices and different skin types
  • Eyebrow correction techniques such as fixing tattooed eyebrows and misaligned brows
  • The ability to get ahead in the industry by understanding how to handle contraindications
  • Never turn a client away by having the resources to handle correction with advance training