With a passion for beauty and a dedication to providing students the best in microblading education, Microblading Training Worldwide in Roseville offers the chance for aestheticians and cosmetologists to expand and perfect their practice — and for women that simply want a new start in life, a brand new career choice. No experience, or background in the microblading field needed. Our master tattoo artist and licensed aesthetician has been performing microblading procedures for almost a decade. She has developed an extensive understanding of all styles of brows: natural, light, dramatic, dark, square, round— you name it. However, this knowledge has just served as the foundation of her skills, as she is now an expert in pre-existing tattoo correction, anemia solutions, microblading complications, oily skin correction, and other microblading challenges.

What separates us from the rest is that we didn’t “start” as a training facility, we earned it. We have built a viable and very successful business in a highly competitive industry and our experience is what will help you do the same. Our work shows how much time we’ve spent in the industry mastering our skills to make it easy on you to do the same.

Ms. Devlin’s expertise has brought joy to women all over California who watch their faces change in just one, simple microblading procedure. We treat each of our clients’ faces as if they were our own, meaning we are thorough and detailed with every procedure. We have seen many transformations in our office, and our clients are always elated at the incredible difference created by defined, fuller microbladed brows. If you are ready to provide that level of excitement and care to your clients, all while increasing your income, you’ve come to the right place.

Clients choose us because we understand every woman is different. We choose our ink, templates, and brow shape on a client-by-client basis. It’s time for us to share our knowledge with you. Our aim is to teach you the same microblading techniques and practices that have brought both our clients and ourselves success. Sign up for our microblading classes today for the finest in microblading education and a jump-start to reaching your full earning potential.